Kain & Associates is an Intellectual Property (I.P.) law firm.  We limit our practice to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, computer law and the related fields of domain disputes, trade dress, false advertising, trade libel, defamation, unfair competition and Internet law matters.

We secure our clients’ I.P. rights by preparing and filing  patent, trademark, and copyright applications, drafting contracts to protect  trade secrets, conducting I.P. audits, and preparing I.P. licenses and joint venture agreements.  Without reasonable enforcement efforts, I.P. rights are hollow.  We litigate and defend your rights in federal and state courts.  Our Internet and computer related technical skills are integrated with I.P. legal principles to defend and enforce our clients’ rights in federal courts throughout the U.S. and in arbitration and mediation of disputes.  We also secure foreign I.P. rights for our clients and engage in off-shore enforcement actions if necessary to protect their assets.

We provide simple solutions for Complex I.P.®

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